Postpartum Cooking

Proper rejuvenation postpartum is key for optimum health of both you and your baby.  The major components required for postpartum rejuvenation are: warm oil massage of mother and baby, deep rest, herbal support and warm, oily, nourishing, digestible food.  Allow me to honor you and your new baby by bringing the most wholesome nourishing foods into your postpartum world.  Based in ancient traditional ways of eating, these meals will support the recovery your physical and emotional body.  They will aid in  breast milk production, hormonal rebalance, nutrient replenishment and healing of the the uterus and vaginal canal.  

Initial Consultation – $85 

Before coming to cook for you and your family (ideally before baby is born) we will meet for a 1hr consultation to assess current eating patterns, nutrient status, cooking schedule needed and postpartum health goals.  This allows you the opportunity to receive customized meal plans that support your postpartum recovery and well being as well as provide you with the awareness to continue your health goals when cooking for yourself and family or when eating out. 

Postpartum Cheffing Service – $35/hour plus the cost of groceries
I will shop for wholesome nourishing groceries that aid in postpartum recovery, and come to your home to cook several nurturing  meals and snacks that you can continue to eat over the next couple days.  A typical cooking schedule for postpartum mamas is 2 times a week for 3-6 weeks.

Individual Consulting

Sprouted Nutrition offers one-on-one personal nutrition consultation to guide you toward healthy eating during pregnancy and motherhood. In addition Sprouted Nutrition works with you and your kiddos to create lifelong healthy eating habits and work through the inevitable nutritional hiccups.  Sessions are designed to assess current health status and develop a nutrition plan including individualized meal plans and recipes for you and your growing family. Lab test analysis may be used to understand current nutritional status and how to achieve better health. While beginning early is best, it is never too late to start a pregnancy nutrition plan!

Nutrition Consultation – $85

50-minute nutrition consultations for expectant mothers, new mothers and kiddos.  Consultations cater to your individual nutritional needs and health concerns.

3 Session Nutrition Consulting Package – $225

Pinpointing the root cause of nutritional challenges and shifting the behaviors associated with those issues takes time.  Most clients find that a single session just isn’t enough to support your pregnancy journey or see lasting results.  The 3 session package offers you the chance to commit to your nutritional journey at a discounted rate. 

Package deals are non refundable or transferable.  Sessions must be used within 90 days of purchase.