In my late 30’s, I was struggling to conceive a child, and decided to be proactive about doing what I could for my health.  I participated in Mia’s “Cultivating Fertility” group class and learned an incredible amount about how nutrition can impact fertility and the ability to conceive.  I continued working with Mia one-on-one, and she was able to hone in on my particular nutritional imbalances and needs and provide individualized care.  Mia is much more than a nutritional consultant, and is more like a life coach, helping me to understand how physical, mental, and emotional health all contribute to fertility and life balance!  Today, I am 7 months pregnant, and I owe this, at least in part, to Mia and her guidance in nutrition. Thank you, Mia!

E. S.


After trying to get pregnant for 18 months, I decided to do Sprouted Nutrition’s Cultivating Fertility Cleanse. It was on the second month of trying after the cleanse that we became pregnant with our Baby Boy! I wish I had done this cleanse sooner and skipped months of heartache and stress. Mia is a wealth of knowledge about food and fertility. I felt prepared to do the cleanse and very supported with questions I had along the way. I highly recommend this cleanse to anyone trying to conceive or who would like to be more in tune with their cycle and fertility. It certainly worked for me!

S. B.


Before participating in the 28- day cleanse, I was not as aware as to how different foods affect my body, digestion and overall health. After going through the program, I feel healthy and strong and feel that I have the knowledge to make the right choices moving forward to support my fertility. The program allowed me to restart my nutritional path for fertility but also allowed me to explore other avenues for helping me on this journey such as daily detox regimens and meditation. I really valued the support and care that I felt through Mia throughout the program. My advice for those thinking of participating in this cleanse is to realize that you can change your habits. I had a daily addiction to coffee and caffeine and I feel so much better now that I have gone through cutting it out and then back to a reduced amount. Thanks to Mia for all of her support through this process and beyond!

L. D.


After having participating in this cleanse I feel more intuned with my body. I cut out foods that weren't serving me (dairy, gluten and sugar). After the 28 days I still maintained about 85% of the cleanse (gradually bringing back some items previously mentioned but only small amounts because I notice how my body feels after eating any of these items.) I had been ovulating on day 9 of my cycle for the last year, but after this cleanse I ovulated on day 14. Mia's knowledge about nutrition and her support really helped me stay on this path. I felt great during and after the 28 days.

J. S.