Cultivating Fertility

One and three month programs

You, my friend, are a creative, nurturing and fertile being.  A woman with a unique story who is on the path to bringing new life into this world – your world.  Fertility and pregnancy is such a different journey for each of us.  A journey with moments of heartbreak and those of heart bursting joy, but at the root of it, we all desire the same thing, to raise healthy happy children from a vital and resourced place.  And there is no better time to start this journey then now…

I myself struggled for years with health issues related to digestion and hormonal balance.  In my early 20’s I found myself seeking out every possible self applied Western modality I could get my hands on. But it was not until I started to truly listen to the inner wisdom of my body that I found any reprieve from my chronic symptoms.  It was not until I let go of what I thought I knew (or didn’t know) that I began to make deep changes with lasting results. Changes that connected me back to my food choices and how I related to nourishing my body. 

Most of us grow up thinking that conceiving is something that will just happen, that the 9 months of pregnancy will be a blissful time and that post birth, our bodies and hormones will transition back to balance with ease. And, if there are problems, “medicine” will fix it. Unfortunately, conditions like PCOS, thyroid disorders, unexplained infertility, missing menstrual cycles, miscarriage, nutrient deficiencies, adrenal fatigue and postpartum depression are showing us the opposite. More and more we are finding that the path to a healthy pregnancy – and true wellness – is not such a passive endeavor… and that it may be a lot simpler and far more empowering than we realize!

Sprouted Nutrition provides well rounded nutrition and lifestyle programs that are unique to each individual. I am specifically trained in how foods and nutrients affect our reproductive systems and offer unique nutritional programs formulated to improve hormonal and reproductive health, enhance fertility, optimize pregnancy, and strengthen postpartum health.

Through honoring the seasons, traditional ways of eating , local foods, and using food as “medicine” I will help you develop a preconception wellness plan that allows you and your partner the best chances of not only conceiving when ready, but doing so from a place of balance and vitality.

You too carry an inner wisdom and vitality that with tending can unlock your potential to the powerful, primal and fertile being that lives inside.  A being that has all the capability to bear healthy and vibrant children. 

Sprouted Nutrition's one and three month fertility programs are right for you if:

  • You are in your 30’s or 40’s struggling to get pregnant.  You have possibly been diagnosed with an infertility condition, but crave a natural approach to restore your body’s integrity and increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.
  • You struggle with hormonal issues, such as PMS, irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods or a lack of menstruation.  You worry that your hormonal issues are or will affect your fertility. You  long for a holistic solution that empowers you to know your body better, bring it back into realignment naturally and ultimately enhance your fertility.
  • You plan to have children at some point in the future, but worry that it might be a challenge due to environmental toxins, aging, or other fertility issues.   You find yourself wanting to protect your fertility for when the time is right to conceive. And create the healthiest body possible so that your baby has the best chance for a life of health and vitality.

Sprouted Nutrition’s one and three month fertility programs will provide you:

  • A step-by step system to support your digestive wellness, remove unwanted toxins, realign your reproductive hormones, and cultivate your feminine essence, so that you can support healing of existing fertility condition and/or prevent future fertility issues.
  • A 28-day group fertility cleanse that works with the phases of your menstrual cycle to support the natural rhythm of your body and the health of your overall reproductive system. 
  • A 3-month dietary roadmap to eating for fertility that will prepare your body’s soil as a healthy nesting ground for your little one to grow. And, the wisdom to continue creating health in your whole family for years to come.
  • The support and connection with other amazing women navigating the uncertain yet ultimately beautiful road to fertility.
  • The inner wisdom to listen to the needs of your body and the know how to nourish it with specific foods that support a successful pregnancy.
  • The tools to track and understand your menstrual cycle allowing insight and clarity into your fertility and reproductive health.
  • Carefully designed meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and supplement recommendations to guide you on your way to optimal fertility health.
  • Guided meditations to bring awareness and relaxation to the mind and body, while helping you remove obstacles to a successful conception.
  • Personal one-on-one nutrition sessions that focus on the major factors that inhibit your fertility, so that you can create vital health and a successful pregnancy as soon as possible.